Mobile Studios

Studio companion, Whalley

Studio companion, Whalley


In my truck or RV, the sometimes overwhelming challenges of outdoor painting are largely overcome by painting inside looking out a window. With this arrangement, outdoor painting becomes, in effect, studio painting. My portable studios have the advantages of reducing setup time, eliminating palette glare, providing a more constant light on the painting and palette and they allow me conveniently to listen to music, (white sound). Painting inside also keeps me away from interrupting onlookers (Hey, that’s pretty good!). Unless conditions are too severe, I’m able to work despite wind, rain, heat and cold which provides more frequent painting opportunities. The idea came from an old photograph of an early Taos painter who was painting inside a huge old Packard. He had removed the floor in the rear and was standing on the ground, straddling the drive shaft, and painting by looking out of a rolled down window. Artists!

Current RV mobile studio (2014).
The added windows out of which I paint may be seen above the large dark existing windows at the rear of the vehicle.

Interior studio with an easel which I constructed for the purpose. I sit to paint. There are two dust-free boxes (not shown) which hold gessoed masonite of various sizes.

Home studio with many years of accumulation.